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Top 5 Cases California Debt Lawyers Defend

  1. Credit card or medical bill lawsuit by a third party debt collector, such as Midland Funding or Cach LLC. Third party debt collectors often wait until the last possible minute to sue, i.e. right before the statute of limitations has run. They also tend to have holes in their case, which a good debt lawyer can easily spot and exploit.
  2. Credit card lawsuit by an original creditor, such as Capital One, Citibank or Bank of America. These lenders are starting to sue delinquent consumers more and more. We are also seeing them sue for lower and lower amounts. Be on watch for lawsuit paperwork if you are in default with these lenders, and then contact a California debt lawyer ASAP.
  3. Private student loan lawsuit against the student and the student’s co-signor. National Collegiate Trust and Navient are two big private student lenders. While you cannot bankrupt out of student loans, there is a four-year statute of limitations that applies.
  4. Mortgage lender lawsuit for deficiency post-foreclosure. California has several anti-deficiency statutes on the books, but there are still times where a foreclosed homeowner will owe a lender money post-foreclosure. Anti-deficiency law is complex, and it is highly recommended that you contact a debt lawyer if a lender is trying to collect from you post-foreclosure.
  5. Auto debt post-repossession. If you are in default on an auto loan, the lender will most likely repossess your car. The lender will then sell your car and apply the funds collected in the sale to your loan balance. If the funds do not cover the entire balance, they will pursue you to collect the remainder. They can also sue to collect this remainder. This is a good time to contact a debt lawyer.