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Debt Negotiation

Debt negotiations happen in many contexts. However, the goal is typically the same. To modify the terms or obligations of a debt.

At our law firm, we negotiate for settlements of debt. The settlement typically involves closing of the account, a total pay-off amount that is less than the amount claimed due, and a discharge of indebtedness. Yes, we can dramatically reduce the amount of debt that you currently owe, and avoid having to even consider bankruptcy.

We meet with you in person at one of our local California offices , not over the phone or online. Each situation and individuals financial circumstances are different, so we make sure we meet and personalize your options with you. We negotiate on each account individually. We do not do bulk negotiations on debt accounts. This means that we take a personal approach to each client. We understand their personal hardship, financial circumstances, and legal arguments, and we use those to negotiate with their creditors.

As experience California debt lawyers, we are also bound by a professional and ethical duty to negotiate for the lowest amount possible. This is always our goal. On the backend, we also fully understand our client’s exposure to risk and liability, and we can counsel our clients regarding that exposure. In some instances, clients come to us after credit card summons have been issued. We can also defend and protect our clients from creditor lawsuits and work to prevent Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Ask a debt defense attorney to handle negotiations and reach a debt settlement.

Our law firm has been negotiating win-win settlements on behalf of our clients for many years. It is our job to convince bankers and credit card companies to act in their own best interests by lowering the total amount of debt you owe them.

  • By accepting what you can afford, even when it is less than what is owed, creditors can be assured of payment.
  • We set up savings plans for our clients so that creditors receive lump sum settlements.
  • The savings plans are based on your ability to pay.
  • The debt settlements are fulfilled in as few as six months and in no more than three years.

Rely on an experienced lawyer to negotiate a loan workout settlement.

It is best to rely on experience, a calm approach and a thorough knowledge of the law. Most of our clients have been overcome by an economic situation out of their control. They may have lost a job, gotten a divorce or dealt with a large medical expense.

Credit cards helped them deal with everyday needs. After handling an extraordinary amount of stress, credit card debt then added to the stress. It is important to take the stress and anxiety out of the negotiation process. It is a good idea to retain an attorney who represents you and cares about getting a settlement within your ability to pay. Contact Us for an appointment at one our local Arizona or California offices.