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Credit Card Lawsuit

You need to respond quickly when a credit card company files a lawsuit. If you receive notice that a credit card company is suing you, the worst response is to do nothing. Not responding can lead to unnecessary expense and embarrassment. Call and talk to one of our credit card defense attorneys, to learn about your rights, and take positive steps to settle your debts.

  • If you do not respond to the lawsuit, the credit card company may get a default judgment.
  • In the judgment, you could owe every nickel you spent plus interest plus attorneys fees.
  • The company can garnish your wages, taking money straight from your paycheck.
  • Armed with the judgment, the credit card company can go after your bank accounts and other assets, including assets that are fully paid for.

Fight back

At our California debt law firm, we know it is difficult to deal with debt issues. You are definitely not alone. We also know, after talking with client after client, the great relief that comes with taking action and facing the issues. When faced with a credit card lawsuit, it is important to take action as soon as possible within the time allowed for a response. It is important to have a credit card defense lawyer experienced with the rules of civil procedure and with a deep knowledge of credit card law and debt settlement.

If you’re being sued by credit card company in California, let us help. The consultation is free so contact us today for an appointment.