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California Credit Card Debt Settlement

Know your options, then take action to free yourself of credit card debt.

Our lawyers talk every day with people in California who have, for one reason or many reasons, found themselves with enormous amounts of medical, business and credit card debt. The burden typically becomes overwhelming fast and can dominate and impact an individual’s or family’s life dramatically. See how you can end the cycle with a free debt settlement consultation at one of our California law offices near you.

So how can you end the debt cycle? When you have your free consultation an experienced California credit card debt attorney will evaluate your personal situation, and help you explore your options with no pressure and no blame. Debt settlement may not be the best option for you, and we can help guide you to another option that is best suitable.

  • Our credit card settlement lawyers negotiate with your creditors directly reducing the amount of your debt and then structuring with you a plan to pay it off with a monthly payment that fits your abilities to pay. By lowering the total debt amount owed through our debt settlement process, it is easier to pay the total balance completely and allow you to become debt free– usually in 6 months to 3 years.
  • The easiest way to get rid of credit card debt is to pay it off, but when you can only afford monthly minimum payments, it can take decades to pay off the debt. And when events change in your life or in the economy, it only becomes worse. Thats were our debt attorneys can help.
  • Some people choose to file for Chapter 13 or 7 bankruptcy in order to erase credit card debt. For those who qualify for Chapter 7 and who do not have concerns about the public nature of bankruptcy, it can be the right choice. Chapter 13 bankruptcy can take up to five years before being debt-free and can be a much worse proposition than debt settlement.
  • A large amount of people are searching to consolidate their debts – putting them all into one package with one monthly payment. Beware of this option as it will not lower the amount owed, and it does not stop credit card companies from filing lawsuits.

When you are overwhelmed by credit card debt, it is difficult to learn about the various options available. That is why we offer a FREE consultation in a calm, thoughtful and legal environment. Contact us for an appointment at one of our Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco or other California area offices.