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Student Loan Debt From For-Profit Education

Pros and Cons of Negotiating Credit Card Debt
April 6, 2015
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Student Loan Debt From For-Profit Education

student-loan-debtFree Yourself from For Profit Student Loan Debt

San Diego, CA 

As student loan debt has spiraled out of control in America, for-profit education has come under increased scrutiny. Some of the largest for-profit educational institutions have been found to have poor performance, sky high prices, and been a detriment to low income students. Legislation is being proposed to limit the amount of federal loans and grants that can become the profits of these schools. In addition to high profile criminal probes and civil investigations, these school also risk losing their accreditation for the dismal performance of their students and predatory lending schemes.

This type of oversight makes sense as the vast majority of the profits for these institutions comes from consumer student loans. If you are in California and are you burdened by student loans from one of these for-profit schools, we can help with a free consultation:
  • American Career College
  • Kitchen Academy
  • Los Angeles Film School
  • West Coast University
  • Argosy University
  • The Art Institute
  • Corinthian College
  • Brooks Institute
  • Bryman College
  • University of Phoenix
  • Le Cordon Blue
  • ITT Tech
  • Kaplan
  • Southern States University
If you are burdened by student loan debt contact a qualified student loan debt negotiation attorney today. A qualified debt negotiation lawyer can inform you of your rights under the law and negotiate a large reduction in the balance of the student loan.